• July 2018:  Dr. Reid gives presentation at Telluride Workshop on Spectroscopy and Dynamics on Multiple Potential Energy Surfaces
  • May 2018:  Undergraduate team members Max Cai, John Loman, and Grace Corriera graduate!
  • Spring 2018:  James Makuvaza (graduate student) joins the team!
  • Spring 2018: Dr. Reid gives invited presentations at Rockford ACS Chapter, Rockford University, Rockford, IL and Michigan Technological University, Houghton,  MI.
  • March 2018:  Dr. Reid gives invited presentation on Flipped Classroom at ACS National Meeting, Symposium on Active Learning in General Chemistry


  • Fall 2017: Dr. Reid gives invited presentations at Southern Illinois University and Bowling Green State University


  • December 2016:  Brandon Uhler graduates with Ph.D.
  • July 2016: Dr. Reid gives invited presentations at Gordon Conference on Molecular Interactions and Dynamics (Asilomar, CA) and Telluride Workshop on Spectroscopy/Dynamics on Multiple Potential Energy Surfaces (Telluride, CO)
  • June 2016:  Dr. Damian Kokkin (postdoctoral fellow) and Max Cai (summer undergraduate) join the team!
  • February 2016: Dr. Reid gives invited presentation at Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics (Asilomar, CA).
  • January 2016: Brandon Uhler gives presentation at GRC on Molecular and Ionic Clusters (Ventura, CA).


  • August 2015: Drs. Reid and Rathore receive NSF grant to study energy and electron transport in multichromophoric assemblies.  Dr. Reilly takes a faculty position at University of Massachusetts – Boston.
  • June 2015: Summer undergraduate Trevor Foster joins the team!  Brandon Uhler gives presentation at International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy (Urbana, IL).


  • August 2014:  Silver Nyambo receives Ph.D
  • July 2014: Dr. Neil Reilly joins the team!
  • July 2014: Dr. Reid gives presentation at Telluride workshop on Spectroscopy/Dynamics of Multiple Potential Energy Surfaces (Telluride, CO).
  • June 2014: Summer undergraduates Michelle Fox and Ahmee Marshall-Christianson join the team!
  • January, 2014:  Dr. Reid presents “Reactive Pathways in Halobenzene-Ammonia Cation Radicals: New Insights from Experiment and Theory” at the Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Asilomar, CA.


  • July 2013: Aimable Kalume begins postdoctoral position with Prof. Dennis Clouthier (Kentucky)
  • July 2013:  Lloyd Muzangwa begins postdoctoral position with Prof. Ralf Kaiser (Hawaii)
  • May 2013:  Lloyd Muzangwa and Aimable Kalume receive Ph.D.’s

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