About Our Research

Our group’s research focuses on the use of laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to probe the spectroscopy and dynamics of complex chemical systems.  We are particularly interested in transient molecular species (ions, radicals, weakly bound complexes) that are important reactive intermediates in combustion, atmospheric, and interstellar chemistry.  Some of our current projects are listed below – for detailed  information on these and other projects, please check out the projects page!

  • Studies of the halogen bond and electron-transfer in halogen bonded assemblies

Figure 4 newFigure 1 r1

  • Studies of the iso-halons, systems where isomerization = electron transfer

Website isohalon Website isohalon2

  • Spectroscopic probes of electronic coupling in multichromophoric systems (collaboration with Dr. Rajendra Rathore)

    Figure 1 JACS comm new

    Studies of reactive intermediates important in planetary and interstellar atmospheres

Website reactive intermediates 1

Website reactive intermed 2

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